is a mag within a mag,
a conceptual agitation of preconceived expectations & hyper-real formulations.
Gone is the self-referent image of artistry &
regained is a collective particle of symbol-speech.
That between each fragment of possibility endless permutations exist.
Ismistism hath spoken.
Each target of disapproval can only be shaken til the foundation leaks, not to be crumbled because within the recycling of worn-out institutions & conventions are the materials for the future reconstruction. Collaged, juxtaposed, & coaxed into a synthactive radicalization.
Derived from extinct attitudes, the artistic incoherency is a frantic mustering of available powers, perpetuated by the frenzy of a rapidly decaying culture/state & an obsolete science unable to keep abreast of glutton technology. Jagged edges account for a population underground rising & falling, some having reason to continue & many others leaving behind experimentation for worlds more to their suiting. The process is cataclysmic & unpredictable &
one can never get back fully what one expects to receive for their energy expended.... this is especially true with experimental publishing, performing, & intermedia activity. Instead, gotten back is a concurrency with global artistic action & thought. Every image & its reverse responds to an infinite bombardment of disparate stimulation, quite out of hand for a sedentary image to handle, that the image must be permutative & unfinished in order to exist in changing time.
Then the artist must in the same sense be unidentified enough to not be pinned down to a single form of expression. Understandably, when one starts producing commodities to be sold, the opportunity for a continuous alteration is denied. A collection of artists, images, texts, recordings & actions could easily account for a slow, silent & perhaps multiple generation of Captivates. Those influenced years after the creation of the original art, would then have to adapt to the contradiction between a
work created for a civilization that is merely memory. If such work is to function only as artifacts & dusty relics perhaps there would be way to better use the person & his creations. Theatre & music have developed repetory as a way of sustaining a work historically. However the manner adopted is one of preservation & faithfulness to the original. This, of course is devoid of interaction on the part of of the performers & is not to be considered an original each time. Merely reproductions. & stuck in the mire of stasis.
By comparison a composite of everything available at all times will reveal messages both psychic & willing, that an art driven by the falling toward the center of gravity will naturally have the weight of its conviction, a string of visual sanctions tied to comprehending a geo-physical map of probabilities. The bluster of believing everything finished, completed, kaput, destroys the life of the object, where regardless of skill objects demand immediate attention, their proximity is both presence & mystique.
Publishing noise blackly against a backlit collage of imagery & text. A task toward combining disparate media consciously, the uneven keel of making old machinery & hand-me-down tool continue to do a job, of the human surviving artistically while doing job raising children & maintaining a lifestyle fix. Even within our very vocabulary you must continually try your hand speaking the hidden sounds, the x's, the z's, the v's, & the sound of multiple consonants, gnr, hbp, ktf, bjl, .... & you know, once the speech starts an experential cognition follows.
The abstraction becomes the organism. Without hesitation, lingeristics compliments the haste of speaking before thinking. The ghost of communication shakes the tree. Invention parablizes the sake of the imagination, incrementally a collective art becomes unavoidable, or even an obstacle in the path of cultural normalcy. The media of instantaneity such as xerox & video & micro-computers are a time-warp link to a sketetal artistic continuum. That everyone expresses their strangest most out-side conjurations is without debate.
That everyone enter into a linked dialogue with the historical renegades, with the culture bandits is not necessary for this requires great concentration, dedication & constancy of vision. I think that only a few will ever be able to sustain their invention for a lifetime.