The intermedia of noise is visual noise, architectural noise, radio & tv noise, movement noise, information noise, historical noise, word noise & maybe sound noise. Every possible composite is only more evidence of the permanent permutation of qualitative noise. Divided by intrinsic differentials one noise bombarded against its opposite will not produce an anthem. The noisiest anthem imaginable is the sound of all sounds. Nothing dare be excluded from a matter of fact description of the sonosphere.

One must raise the question "does the present human aural anatomy efficiently assimilate every imaginable noise at all time?" Certainly the ear & its parts are minutely capable of processing, but the socialized brain socket might be suspect, after so many years of being taught to gather & listen in an orderly, perceptible & linear fashion, which could only parallel ignoring as much as is attended to. The brain receptor literally screens & selects the audio spectrum, choosing only the most desirable sound information, & banishing the unwanted noise to be forgotten. so it is the internal apparatus which is designed to malfunction in these post-Cageian y(ear)s. The human is stuck with a brain that is too full to begin with; compressed, compacted, condensed. Its subjective formulation had induced a profound dystrophy, a condition of late 20th century behavior. Incessant rumination has left the brain hollow & unable to function with spontaneity & simultaneity. The critique of civilized man's reaction to noise is formidable, yet often there is even a struggle to enter the discourse from the beginning since noise is almost always unwanted. So the critique begins with perceptive reorganization, establishing an active vocabulary/language of noise which would allow it maximum utility. Particularly its harshest components such as volume, chaos, distortion, feedback, static, drone, etc need be viewed as enduring, or even as a form of global resolution. That indeed noise is the very nature of existence itself & it is the vast formula of planetal celebration. It needn't be pedestalized nor removed. Let's offer the prospect that absolute theoretical silence is noise, as well. Beyond noise is something more dangerous & powerful & that is psychic interference, information dyslexia, cultural virus, amnesia &tc. These neuro-states exist at the edges of noise consciousness, wholly unexplored & contemporary phenomena. Again the negative connotation is derogatory but this may be because they have parallel qualities which are destructive or constructive. So the model of the human cognitive apparatus is a spiral whose components continue further into the unspecified & subtle topology of the mind. Noise has always been a figment of the mind, the embodiment of beyond sense. (The Russian futurists had a word for beyond sense; ZAUM, which referred to a trans-rational language.)

To describe globularity without noise as an essential resource is no longer possible. Civilization has now exhausted most of its non-renewable energy & has invested nothing toward technology appropriate to the conversion of noise into an international energy & initiative. Simply for the global exchange of information, noise is conspicuously apropos. Beyond dialect yet suggestively communicable, it is a direct transmission, acculturated to specific ambiguity. It speaks to or thru a possible understanding, catalyzing disparate info & imagery. Categorical noise is a program of thoughts, conceptual noise is an imaginative omnibus of investigations. An impoverished listener would likely become numb to the invariability & the repetitive, would sleepwalk endlessly & think in predictable motor rhythms. A concerted attention to noise phenomena would defeat that spell, offer a propulsion within the interior of hyper action. The affectation of noise inseminates a non-emotional life force.

Polymedia of noise is captivated from random capitulation, from personal control of problematic layers of hearing. One is dunked into a sink or swim situation from birth. There is an immediate buoyancy, it is possible to steer one's way into an understanding of sonic occurrence. All sounds are disjointed but may also coincide if given enough space to breath.