The builder of noise machines can now return to positively constructing the composite possibilities of the historic noise. Immediate recall will access thousands of noisebits for spontaneous aural hallucinations & these noisebits, or tiny audio memories comprise a founding influence on behavior, digression, dream, imagination, & action.... They are to be considered profound form & source of neuro-psychical energy, without which a being in the late 20th century would no longer be able to function as an accessory to their own environment. This observation can be substantiated quite readily experienced in the context of metropolitan living or in the most remote hideaway. That sensory stimulation, via sound/noise is central to our location on this planet & would be all too continuous of an impression for any ear capable of listening intently & openly. Noise is the international language, easily understood or processed beyond any boundary of dialect or orientation. The sound of walking, radio static, a ratchet, a bellowing tube share an index of understandings in the universal & collective experience. The sound of dumbbells caroming down a stair & a wild night of noise coming to past 300 years ago or 3000 before that. Every noise partnering or coupling with every simultaneous inertia. A fortune of itching mad audio. An orchard of incrustaceous cacaphonemes. No noise adheres to previous understanding more than the edge of noise, where all sound constructs further sonifications. Abbermindedness aside, wade & plow thru & thru aural enslaughtmentism.

Spinster piano
stress plantgut.
Piano spinster
plantgut stress.

Tonal blasphemy in radio kingdom, tonal hierarchy may well perish beneath the weight of noisiness.