The culture of all noises is an invisible hodgepodge of information dissemination. an expert cultivator would unbend or remesh the disparate frequencies into irrational foodstuffs. By adventure & innovation the signage of noise varies proportionate to an insurmountable negativity suggested by a paramount of sound resourcery. The literalness of noise & its ancestry has spawned little enough thought to advance noise beyond the speculative stage. Where in fact is the host of theoreticians lining up to say the most up to date & relevant postulations possible. I think/fear this awaits the very ecstasy of commoditization before the word-bending follows in place.

Wholly unleashed on the unsuspecting, noise is not a candy, a suppressant, but given its viable ability to cauterize the unknown & the overly emoted sense of being, noise can be the missing pill of proximity. Taken readily with frequency there is eventual clarity amid the chaos. To spread thru the manner of listening in all directions sensory, the assimilation of noise is a combatant against feebleness, or is the constitution of bearing a specific weight. The noise of the future is the combination of all noise past. Conceived memory wise, noise has the unlimited potential of subscribing to every contradiction, such as one might expect from a juxtaposition of dreams. Noise leads to no conclusions yet is an equation of solutions.