InfoNoise in a Paperless Society

'''Information is the paperweight of culture.

'''Psychical information is the brain reservoir of the ultra culture. In the first statement the society is buried beneath milleniums of paper, books, art.

After Music

'''Noise is the experience & product of listening...or trying not to listen. Both internal & external psychoacoustic phenomena create interference partitioning which divert or cancel receptivity. Some percentage of noise is always intrinsic to audibility. In fact noise with no negative connotation is merely sound. If the listener is not annoyed, distracted, confused or overwhelmed, it couldnt be noise? A reconstructed definition of noise would be an inclusive reminder of the endless varieties of infiltration for which noise is accountable.


glyphic theatre [silence is distraction are omens.

'''a mathematical description & understanding of noise = algebraic formula for conversion of potential noisergy into pure energy.