Inner Noisversation

"There is no such thing as experimental music, which is a fond utopia; but there is a very real distinction between sterility and invention. The ostriches demonstrate to us the existence of danger - with their heads tucked under their folded wings." --Pierre Boulez

Russolo: Accumulating a philosophy of noise that doesnt idolize monotony & boredom approaches a radical response to the imitation of industrial culture. One could only await the construction of noise neologue, perhaps akin to the contrivance of Webern's 12 tone endless permutations....

Antheil: A bomb of discrete sounds evasively amplified & implanted out of sight in parks, bus stops, hallways, highway rest areas & any non-implemented public arena would access the global soundscape to masses of the unsuspecting.

Russolo: The subliminal after effects would be perfectly alarming!

Antheil: Repoliticizing noise as a tool of subterfuge & indictment is consistently ignored. Compare a demonstration with people banging pots & pans to a demonstration with noise conspirators recreating the chaos of warfare & political turmoil, of ubiquitous riot & radio interference.

Russolo: The subliminal after affects would be perfectly alarming! Without hedging toward any manner of resolution, there is the tendency to want to make noise identifiable, digestible in the way that a song is consumed & I think that this urge strips the potential moving force of noise from its context. The sound of a dog barking or a car screeching to a halt are harmlessly absorbed by cognition. Nothing about the listening mechanism of the brain is altered. Now a 100 layers of independent noise material implanted at the base of a being's skull would initiate a complete rearrangement of molecular structure.

Antheil: ....microscopic & subatomic investigations into the sounds of plants, color astronomy, unplayed musical instruments, fetal environment, entropy & energy, computer chips, organs & muscles, human emotion & psychic disturbances, etc. The research is yet to begin. It is a science where clarity & confusion, object-relationships & transduction are one in the same.

Satie: You should be reminded that the word "noise" comes from the word nausea or in Latin nautia which is the word for seasickness. The essence both have in common is that of vertigo, of shifting & uncertainty. Be aware that history has coded a very negative connotation into the word, a virtual swear word, a declaimer. Its representation demands an integration of esteem.

Luigi Russolo's future culture bending essay, The Art of Noise

Further excerpts about Russolo excerpted (Taken without permission from Electronic And Experimental Music by Thomas B. Holmes) .

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