One after another children break loose; to have been held down by audio control, unweaned & probing a vast sound complex.

Speechnoise eludes their very understanding, they are a spell unto themselves.

There is no clear way to scramble environmental conditioning, but a child's psyche emerged in a bucket of continually changing noise will abruptly create a squall of its own.

Noise for noise sake is a misnomer, the screeching feedback of kid versus kid is not a sour profanity, but the inevitable intercourse of youth force.

Children are broadened endlessly by difference.

To treat as affliction, or crumple the quest of their babble would only quell their effect.

Ringing the hollow air with every possible infiltration, a playground is a mercenary sound field.

A recorded sample could easily become a bull elephant trumpeting.

Audio reality is a vastly interchangeable spectrum, the noise sculptor could competently wield a hurricane or bee-buzzing with forecast, precision & vibratory incandescence.

In this manner the whimpering & screams of a youngun become manipulated into the bellicose oratory of a politician.

Each sound promises its opposite.

Without noise, a child would be face to face with the wall of conformity & death.

Or without noise, not be capable of expressing the differences which are inimical to their character.

By scraping all extremes of sound, global expressions are possible at a very early age.

Sophistication is inevitable with international noise correspondence.

A scream, a gunshot, a wolfhowl, a rainfall create a multiple field of comprehensions beyond that of any formal language.