Improvisation by the intersection
at the corner of TAZ* & the dreamtime

"Chance is myself."-----Antonin Artaud

if they are always excluded from collaborating in the *TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS ZONE they will always be they excluded from interacting with the infinite dreamtime of experience & every imaginable fetish of happening they have gone the way of boredom they will alway be obsessed with a very real escape if we tease them with provocative confrontation they will react without thinking THAT is not interaction & WE are excluded the subtle & the subliminal revolution takes place in the moment between 2 blinks of the eye this is the mask of the electronic empire this is the haze they inherit the sleeping machine cannot comprehend anything it has not heard repeatedly since infancy D their facination is with the trivial the everyday the mundane because this is all that they can know an aperfect glistening simplicity yet the world as WE know it can be described in endless dimensions & unlimited sensations that are yet to be discovered by the Noise People of the future in noise we can start to comprehend how language will need to change to be able to articulate human experience that have evolved beyond a very obsolete notion of language & dialect the era of bombardment & subversion has become a marketable commodity it is the predictable norm, it can be milked by the media & its earthlings as just another contextual experiment & any such smashing will be reduced to reports of vandalism & conspiracy all varieties of collaboration are called to the fore energy where action supplants rote momentos we have modeled our memories of the future upon a forgotten childhood we & they are one in the same so we come to the intersection of we & they & we trade places with they suddenly opposition is a calamity short of collaboration ^ within the strategies of all possible experience are the most reduced icons of meaning pride humor accomplishment when the sleepers awake they will encounter many levels of experience beyond their normal monochrome the spectre of possibilities is indeed the molecular juice glue which strengthens the cross-fertilization of networks collaboration is immanent only when the mechanics of survival & the process of creativity are simultaneous when there is no connection the possibilities are impoverished by entropy & rote

hyper-activity at the corners where networks meet random inflamations at the fringe of the xerox gesture global micro-village infestations inside the boundaries of each dominant reality by intuitive interactions & action motivated by living we & they can approach the prospect of collaboration interactivity is not a given, interpersonal stasis is the model, the self isolated from its surroundings, & collaboration only begins when conscious pressure generates continuous permutations of the ordinary routine in the absence of collaboration without force exerted to overcome the mundane essence of the Drone collectivity is impractical or theory is the placebo of the wasteland

.... noise & love are inescapable ... releasing by reversal or opposition, the Creation Imaginator is a noisily assembled machine. It is the fiction which exists in production & justification of being, in meaningfulness to the species as the species buries itself in the waste of its mistakes ... there is a fidelity to collaboration which is the charm of 19th Century romanticized values, but a charm which has long disappeared from experential visioning & crackpot futurism. ... by an admission to the physics of language & opinion, the processes of the prefix co- suggest a meltdown of egoism, a peaceful behaviorism (co-operate, collaborate), while other co- words simultaneously contradict a noiseless interaction (connive, conspire, collude) ... the 2nd definition for collaborate in the American Heritage is "To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupying one's country" ... if an opposite or differing spirit brings together, if the erruption of noise brings contentment, this form of artistic treasoning is most understated ... within the territory of occupation ... that friction is a permanent architecture, bound by a cobweb of misunderstanding, confusion, happenstance, & coincidence ... friction being psychic noise ... friction being manipulative & consumed by the love for ... the act of occupying another's domain is alway a collaboration apart from idealism or the wedding of image-bliss, that noise from all parts of the system are inevitable, as stress to structures of co-creating such as communication

if collaboration = interactivity = genetic diversity = endless bouts of free imagination = the zone of interplay betweenst the 20th century's monoliths [education agriculture government media industry] by mating with the powers a small liberated fringe can act in a scale far beyond its individual means the permaculture for decentralized culture is no different than the permaculture for a small sustainable homestead the same principals of ecology, networks, appropriate & sensible use of natural resources, zones, micro-climates & an extremely careful vision of the interactivity of all elements involved in a system sensible permaculture comes from silence & listening & it operates on a construct of a global organism not "I'm an artist & I'm an individual" what has begun to make a sustainable hyperkulture is a functional intercourse between all strata of organizations from the institutions to the small collectives down to the cell

in a distracted & fragmented economy it is the illusion of probability , not the true dreamtime which defines the experience a dreamtime begins where the social order is deprived of time & space where the journey begins at the mention of the word

it is the very noise of these systems which shape & envelop the final condition ... or the chaos of the mechanism is the out of control essence. While the particulars of consciousness emphasize such manners as organization & coherence, ignorance of the practical workings of the collaborative machine (read noise, stress & friction) result in art which is flabby & one-dimensional ... once all manneristic tendencies have aesthetic equality, creativity becomes verified, becomes actually representative ... love & noise are the essential beast, to sup on their internal foreplay, of transmitting & combining unrecombinant extremes ... [as oil & water collaborate in the elemental machine [as weather & emotions interact in the psychogeographic machine ... holding accountable the ghosts of argument & dialectic, reversing the surface of completion with the markings of a continuous process

{ becomes }