Polyartistry kept my head locked in so many places, too many heads of art. We were polyartistry as we were born & then every incoherency flutters & enters a child's life. They could have done it all & even been certain in its actions, but everything goes cockeyed & before you know it its been taken away from you. Anyway like polyartistry should have been to begin with, with all manner of throwing monkey-wrenches into the very gears that operate the heads of art. In the wee hours of every morning polyart dissolves into dailynesses' utter distractions & that is of essence, every very doing called the machine of the three-brained being, sunken below the surface of responsibility to the appearance of forms, or contrasted with velocity of marksmanship to a primitive need to succeed above all others to artforartforart. When no turning back means learning to adapt to the circumstances less desirable then previous fantasy / revelations should have it. The polyartist platform is always moving to be in a state of spinning. How can I tell what they might be thinking when youre always talking like a mouth object. Bother to spell out indifference & not be had or occupied by the consensus of body / mind split. I could be saying elseways but not tremor with the conviction of my inner thots. A polyartist creates organizations of consequent events, even a formality such as a name like Society for the Preservation of Envelope Art Transactions, simply by the invention of its title implies a furtherance & network of its multiple provocations. Polyartistry then belongs to the province of ideational indeterminacy or the caretakers of random mental associations have churned up more information than the human mechanism can healthily propagate. So consider an organization of an event which possesses all the qualities which enable the polyartist sympathy. Within its nocturne there is conceptual endlessness for invention, imagination & proximity of direct action. The polyartist swells with the caption of artistonergy. The disintegration of perceived formalities structures the input of the twentieth century, but there are no contrivances more insecure at this point in time than rigor & decorum. Ten thousand arts at a glance seems delusional but by the switch of protocol an anonymity of artistic placebo is catapulted post-haste toward constructive zaumistry. The probability of a continuous historical futurism is inevitable within the polyartistic credibility. The future is past & the multiple talents of the artist are freed to conduct a seductive intercourse of possibilities. A random global access to continuous invention & a sophisticated organization of all temporary flights of imagination so to build ballast enough to float. Polyartistry absorbs the momentum of overstimulation, or bends & coordinates the adverse damages into a provocation of the elementals. Once combined the hoped for bounty would be one of appropriate control over over-stimulants.

Resourcefulness; an energy of conversion. The distractions of virtuosity are replaced by a concentrated sculpting of juxtaposed media. No more infatuation with the probability of excellence & away with lifetimes of doing one thing well. Enter an approximate world of bending & shaping to a complex unpredictable global permutation. A con science of reconstructing all art without the dichotomy of taste, expectation, & representation not only destroys the culture factory but also activates the momentum necessary for continual surprise attack from the artistic underground.